[Xorg Update] Boot Problems

Hi opensuse community,

I have the last kernel update and i updated Xorg with official repositories. My graphic card is an Intel 4500HD on my toshiba laptop.

But, now, when opensuse boot, my display is clipping and is blocked on “Login :”. X server don’t start.

A solution is knowledge? If yes, what can i do to resolve that because, i would not do an another complete install.

Thanks to you.

Best regards,


PS : Sorry for my approximate english, i’m a french user ^^

I think you got bitten by this bug in the latest xorg-x11-driver-video package. See towards the end for how to revert to the previous version.

xorg issue with intel-driver - openSUSE Forums

Then if you have a login at bugzilla.novell.com add some votes to this bug so that they know many people are affected.