Xorg Running this:? nolisten tcp

I have this running and I’m fairly sure it’s related to remote X sessions. Correct me if I’m wrong.
But it’s running even though I haven’t started any kind of remote login since I booted up my machine (Laptop)

FYI: I ssh with fish or use kssh to my Box from my Laptop.

Screen of htop

I don’t recall having this running until recently. Any thoughts appreciated:)

That’s the normal default these days. The X server offers both a TCP socket and a Unix socket for clients to connect to. It’s safer to offer only the Unix socket, so that only local clients can connect. Most people do not need to have remote clients connect, and if they do, ssh X forwarding is usually the way to go.

Thanks for that clarification @ken_yap.
Always something to learn.
Appreciate your great wisdom:)