Xorg running on vt2 - why?

Since “forever” xorg has been running on vt7 - right now it’s running on vt2.

Has anything changed recently?

/usr/bin/Xorg.bin -nolisten tcp -background none -seat seat0 vt2 …

I can’t find anything useful in /etc/sysconfig/

This is on tumbleweed + sddm + kde - nothing special.

Yes, SDDM version changed. The vt is not configurable, it takes next available one.

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Thanks for the info.

I don’t understand the decision making in this.

Mentioned here…

  • Important change: SDDM now uses the first free VT, it no longer prefers
    tty7 (the InitialVT option in 00-general.conf has no effect anymore)

Guess where these changelogs come from?

rpm -q --changelog sddm

Of course. Direct your reply to the OP :slight_smile:
Follow the mailing lists.

I discovered this a while back, and it’s frustrating. For troubleshooting and such, you could rely on switching back-n-forth v1 to v7 and know for sure what to expect.

Now v7 has turned into “first available”, which is not predictable. Poor thought process to consider to change it.

Yes, but, “SDDM_INITIAL_VT” has been introduced – <https://github.com/sddm/sddm/releases/tag/v0.20.0>

SDDM_INITIAL_VT does not work · Issue #1650 · sddm/sddm · GitHub