Xorg just stopped working!!

I recently installed Suse 11 on my computer did the install booted up everything went great except for some trouble configuring my modem. So one day i boot up my computer and it starts runlevel 5 but goes to command-line so i try to start X on my own and get an error that says

“no devices found
fatal error:
no screens detected”

I’ve reinstalled it and got the same error even tried a different distro same error. Please Help!! Thanks!!

I forgot that after the reinstall when it booted for the first time from the Installer that it worked. When i booted the next day i got the error again!

Try this

type 3 in the boot line to get runlevel 3 - login as root

sax2 -r -m 0=vesa


tell us about your hardware/graphics etc…

Thanks that fixed it! I’m going to get the new Nvidia drivers and see if that will help more thanks again