Xorg issues

I am having a problem with my video( seems like others are as well). If I try to login with graphics I get what appears to be four screens and nothing. I can drop into terminal. I have tried to change KMD in yast (I was successful but nothing changed). I have checked out my xorg and I seem to have found the issue. I found this error message:
(EE) No devices detected.
Fatal server error:
no screens found

The question is how do I go about fixing it? I have not been able to change my xorg. I can not locate my xorg.conf
Any help is appreciated.

My Specs:

Intel® Core™ 2 Q6600 quad core processor with VT

Intel Video

Suse 13.1

Make sure you have all the updates. You should be able to do as root

zypper up

there is a new Intel drive in the updates. Maybe that will help

The major problem happened when I updated.

Maybe drop back to previous Intel driver then.