Xorg and Intel GM945 graphic drivers fixed in 11.2?

Have the issues with Xorg and the Intel graphic driver been improved for 11.2? My laptop has the Intel GM945 Express graphics chipset and the Intel driver and Xorg really sucks in 11.1. Bad 3D performance, the screen just freezes after 10 minutes of using desktop effects, and generally pretty useless for what the hardware is capable of.

Well I have a 945GM in my laptop and I haven’t had any problems whatsoever with 11.1. I used both kwin and compiz-fusion and never had any problems. Even using the compiz-git repository and using the screensaver worked well. The 945GM isn’t really meant to be graphics intensive anyways as far as I understand. It can barely pass for using vista’s aero desktop effects.

Running glxgears gives me an average of about 1,300 fps with 11.2, I believe it’s worse in 11.1, but right now with 11.2 if you try anything too graphics intensive it kicks you back to the login screen. Also I’m running KDE 4.3 so it could also be attributed to that.

This is just my experience so far.

What exactly is the hardware is capable of?

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I can only go by my experiences and what I’ve been told when asking questions here. I’m not sure if I’m is using Kwin+compiz-fusion though, I just enable desktop effects in KDE4.2.4 by going configure desktop>desktop>enable desktop effects.

My system will freeze after a while of using some of the desktop effects like the cube, etc. I’ve been told it’s due to the Xorg and Intel driver not working well together and that the problem didn’t exist in 11.0.

Another example of bad performance is Google Earth 5. The panning and zoom are very jerky and slow looks like 1 frame every 1-2 seconds). Again I was told it’s due to the Xorg and Intel drivers. In windows XP GE5 is very smooth and responsive so the hardware is definitely capable.

How to you get the frame rate from glxgears? I just see gears turning.

How to you get the frame rate from glxgears? I just see gears turning.

Invoking ‘glxgears’ from a console yields the frame rate data.

Thanks. I only get ~750fps so nowhere near the 1300fps that ijbreakey is getting.
Is there a good way of testing the video performance both 2D and 3D? I’m not convinced my OpenGL is working properly as I just tried a simple 3D game and it didn’t remder properly.

What does ‘glxinfo |grep direct’ return?

For reference, I get:

linux:/home/dean # glxinfo |grep direct
glxinfo |grep direct
direct rendering: Yes

BTW, your fps results are similar to what I get with my ATI Mobility Radeon X300 chipset. Not sure about other useful tests (except to try some 3D games).

Same result as you. Direct rendering : Yes

The it appears all is ok. You may be able to tune xorg.conf settings a little to yield better results, but I’m not able to help here. Maybe start a new thread with descriptive title, post your /etc/X11/xorg.conf contents, and compare with other intel users.