When doing xmkmf -a on an Imakefile the program stops with an error
Makefile:1038: *** missing separator. Stop.
Inserting a tab in front of the offending line did not change the error.

I have OpenMotif installed, on a core-2 duo platform, running OpenSuse 11.3.
I’ve also noticed the same identical problem running on Solaris 10,
which has a CDE environment.
It seems that imake didn’t handle MSimpleProgramTarget properly or
most likely one of the configuration files needs further tweaking.
I did make one edit to Imake.tmpl to change a NO to a YES in regards
to HasOpenMotif2. No change. If I add a tab in front of
MSimpleProgramTarget(program), make still chokes on it, and I believe
that this is not what make will deal with.

Any ideas as to what I’m doing wrong?

Can you paste the section of your Makefile where the error is occurring?

Use SUSE Paste and post back the link


start of Imakefile

    DEPLIBS = MrmClientDepLibs

LOCAL_LIBRARIES = MrmClientLibs -lm

SRCS = xspirograph.c
OBJS = xspirograph.o

MSimpleProgramTarget(xspirograph) <----- it errs here


I don’t think make can parse this, but I’m not sure.