Xlib: extension "RANDR" missing on display ":0.0".

I’ve verified that xorg-x11-libs is installed. This package provides libXrandr.so.2. However, when I run a program, in this case the python script for blueproximity (start_proximity.sh), I get the error in the title.

Anyone know why the file might not be found?

grep -ni randr /var/log/Xorg.0.log
237:(==) RandR enabled
247:(==) RandR enabled
257:(==) RandR enabled
274:(II) Initializing built-in extension RANDR


Hrm…apparently Xrandr doesn’t play well with Xinerama.

This is not exclusively a Xinerama problem. For several versions of openSuSE I have been getting the message -

Xlib: extension “RANDR” missing on displey “::1:1.0”

when accessing a machine using VNC. This continues with 11.2

Hi all,

I’m using gnome on SLED 11 SP1, I’ve been getting this error message, especially when I close a window that I have opened via yast or control-center. However I don’t recall this error-msg while using KDE. I wonder if it has to do only with gnome?

I started to use gnome since my machine was slowing down in KDE especially after I upgraded to Service-pack-1 (of SLED). Is anybody else experiencing same problem?


Hello Again (after a year),

This problem still persists, however following is a bit more clarification on this:

We experience this error message only when a ‘cancel’ or ‘abort’ button is clicked. When we click on ‘save’ or ‘ok’ button gnome doesn’t display this error.

Apparently in gnome desktop environment, most dialogboxes do not have a ‘cancel’ or ‘abort’ button (with few exceptions such as ‘YaST’), this means you are forced to save any changes you have made, which is ridiculous. Most desktop environments give this flexibility to users to experiment with options (in a dialogbox) then abort the changes.

Now if gnome developers do not fix this issue soon, I’m afraid we will have to move to another desktop environment (e.g. new super-fast lightweight LXDE).


@Aditya: these are the openSUSE forums, you’re talking about SLES/SLED. These have their own forums. We provide a link on the home page of the openSUSE Forums.