xinetd not working from inital install

After a clean install, i was setting up my services in xinetd when i noticed that the xinetd service will not start.
I searched the net for some guidance but i couldn’t see anything that was useful to my situation.
I have included the error log.

xinetd error log -

Does any one else get the same problem?
what other info do you guys need?

I’m starting to regret installing 12.2. So many issues, and yet 11.3 work perfectly compared to this.
But i need a more compatible & supported version for Samba4.


You do not give much technical explanation about what you did.

You say xinetd “will not start”. Now nothing will happen out of the blue. So I guess you tried something to start it. What was that? YaST > System > Systemservices (Runlevel)?
In that case you should have read there:

Start the xinet daemon. Be aware that xinetd doesn’t start if no service is configured to run under it. To enable xinetd services go to YaST Network Services (xinetd) section.

And that is exactly what the logging you show says.

Thus please explain if you used YaST > Network Services > Network Services (xinetd) and what you did there to switch one or more services on.

For the xinetd service to start, one or more service config files located in the folder /etc/xinetd.d/ must be modified to use xinetd. For instance, I do this automatically with my bash script to setup Samba SWAT automatically for you.

SWAT - Samba Web Administration Tool - Setup & Creation Script - 1.04:

If you are trying to get Samba working, manually in some way, have a look here:

Samba S.W.A.T. - Samba Web Administration Tool Setup for openSUSE:

openSUSE does not read your mind or start services you don’t need so we need to know more about what you are trying to do.

Thank You,