XINE sound Lagging

11.1 & 4.2 RC1

When starting video with XINE the sound stutters for the first second or so and then comes good. However, if the video is paused the stutter returns for a second on play, then comes good. After two or three pauses/plays there is a distinct lag in the sound behind the video. This fault does not reproduce in VLC. Any ideas?

I think it’s not only xine, I’ve been having similar issues with smplayer/amarok. I tried toggling play/pause and noticed in amarok that audio plays for a second, stutters, and goes back to the beginning of what had just started playing (this probably is the cause of the lag but I don’t have enough expertise to fix this).
After updating to 11.1 I removed pulseaudio because of this, still didn’t help.

Yeah, and after playing something in VLC I can’t play songs in Amarok. Need to restart the full sound system. :slight_smile: The sound is also lagging when my laptop’s screen goes to power-off mode.