xine mutes me

recently, every time I view a video in xine, the first thing xine does is mute my audio.

For a while I was keeping the sound mixed app open all the time and unmuting as needed… now I just switched my default player to mplayer.

Still… this bothers me. What’s going on here?

Its hard to say, as your description could be interpretted in different ways depending on what openSUSE version you have installed, and whose multimedia packaged applications you have installed. Is this openSUSE-11.1? Do you have the Packman packaged version of libxine1 and libffpmeg0, and xvid installed? (ie all Packman packaged versions)?

Sorry, my bad. OS11.0 install, Straight packman all the way. I’m wondering if it’s a kde thing. I just went to upgrade some packages, and noticed that I’m unable to upgrade one of the kde3 base packages.

I’ll clear up the conflict, grab my updates, and see if things are better.