xine cant find dvd.

I a trying to get DVD playback working on 11.2 64 KDE 3.5
I did the one click install. (Kaffeine is now broken)
I launch xine from the command line and get this when I select DVD
You can see the DVD STRAWBERRY_MARSHMALLOW_VOL1 udf 4.3 GB 0.0 KB in under “my computer” in the image and it shows up under /media

I have disk and cdrom enabled under my user account.

What else do I have to configure so xine can access the DVD drive?

I would be more interested to know of it will play in kaffeine (kde4 and or kde3), smplayer or VLC

Smplayer does nothing, Kmplayer does nothing. Mplayer pops up a window I can read and looks like its flipping out. Kaffeine doesn’t work anymore. Says its looking for alsasink and is looking for another audio plugin then no usable audio driver found and “gstreamer sinks missing” playbin could not be initalized. Segfault nicely when you select an audio file.

I broke it today trying to make DVDs play.

the meta info in properties in konqueror says that the dvd drive is /dev/sr0

It is a SATA DVD RW drive.

I have 2 dvd drives 1 sata sr0
the other older pata is sr1