xhosts - probably a dumb question, where is the config stored.


I want to find out where the xhosts data is stored. Man pages on the net (my system tells me there is no manual entry for xhosts) suggest that the access permissions are stored in /etc/X*.hosts but have no such files. Tried add and deleteing hosts to see if any files are created but to no avail. Also looked a sysconfig in Yast and could not find anything there either.

Thanks, I am probably just missing something obvious.

I changed the typo in your title: xhots > xhosts.

I hope that will attrackt people that know somethinmg about xhosts (I guess very few will knoe about xhots ;)).

I assume you mean the list that is maintained by the program xhost. There is a man page for xhost

man xhost

I assume the list in kept in memory used by the X server and not in a file. Which means btw that it is lost on stopping the X server.

Thanks for fixing my typo :wink:

Just found that xhosts setting is not preserved across reboots. That I suspect is because it’s not stored and is held in memory.

So next question … anyone know how to make the settings persistent?

You can set it in your shell startup file (usually “.bashrc”).

Come to think of it, I actually do have a line in my “.login” (because I use “csh”). But it seems to run too early to do anything. It is actually working for my, but that’s because I have “yakuake” as an automatic startup and starting “yakuake” is what sets the xhosts setting for me.

It is not possible to “make them persistent”. You have to set them every time rthe X server is started. You can of course try to make that more "automatic, see @nrickerts suggestions.