XFS filesystem

Hi, I have a computer with raid 1 with Opensuse 11.0, also I have another raid 10 for storage, and I need to make the raid 10 a single volume with XFS filesystem. I went into Yast to create the partition and format the new file system, however, I do not know where to mount the XFS filesystem. I have the regular options /usr, /, /boot, /home, /var, /local, etc
which mount point it should be?
thanks in advance for your help.


You can mount the XFS filesystem to anywhere that created by yourself.
I always create another mount point like /data when another storage has been installed on my machine.

Thanks for your prompt answer. I didn’t know that you can create your own mount point. I will give it a try.
I am having a hard time updating opensuse 11.0. I can open Yast and go to software-update packages, and I am able to see the List for all the udpates but, I don’t see how to select all and enable the apply button.
I was in the forums looking for help on this issue and I found this a this site:Repositories/11.0 - openSUSE-Community
with this instructions: Just head over to YaST -> Software -> Software Management. Then, in the menu: Repositories -> Repository Manager. Now hit the Add -> Community Repositories, and select:

* Main Repository (OSS)
* Main Repository (Non-OSS)
* Packman
* Main Update Repository 

but I don’t see the repository Manager, therefore I can’t not add the community repositories. Do I have some version different from what I found in the web?
thanks again.


Yast > Software > Software Repositeries … then you can click add there. and that is.