xfig-3.2.5 and ellipse drawing.

I have installed xfig-3.2.5 via ‘Install Software’ on openSUSE-10.3 OS. I had no problem till I tried drawing ellipses.
The option for drawing ellipse is by clicking on circle/ellipe button.
The manual tells me to use mouse button 2. I assumed that right button is meant.
But the package is drawing only circles.
On some other’s computer, he has an earlier version of xfig and there circle & ellipse have two different icons. So there was no problem.
Do I have to operationalize right button & then how?
I shall greatly appreciate help in resolving this difficulty.

No, button 2 is the middle button. If you don’t have a 3-button mouse, you can turn on emulate 3 buttons, where the middle button is synthesised by clicking on left and right simultaneously (a bit fiddly, so a 3 or more button mouse is preferred).

If you look at the help at the top right of xfig’s window you will see the assignment of the functions to the mouse buttons. Xfig works best with 3 buttons.

Thanks ken_yap.

I can now use xfig perfectly well.

Although using the 2 buttons CONCURRENTLY is really tricky.