xfce4-terminal has no tile bar, can't be moved, resized using mouse

TW 32bit on 32 bit bare metal. Fluxbox. It got broken after installing gdm.

Any way please how to fix it ?

Are you sure it’s just the terminal?

Yes it is terminal. Excuse my typo, title bar is missing.

Sorry, I have no idea regarding this. As far as my expereince with lost title bar is when the window manager failed to run or stop working
and all the applications will lost the title bar.
I lookup in yast2 and there are only two packages to install for fluxbox.

Why did you install gdm? Display Managers are typically used for “proper” DE and not necessary when running only a WM like you likely were doing before with Fluxbox. Recommend you uninstall it or if you want to run gdm for some unknown reason maybe install XFCE or Gnome.

If you want to experiment with other WM only environments, last I checked there were maybe 8 WM packages available.


No problem. Other applications looks correct (xterm, thunar, web browser)

because I want Xorg to be run under user account, not under root. Xfce is already installed.

Does xfce terminal have title bar if you login to xfce?

I did not login to xfce so far but xfce terminal had title bar in icewm.

Yes it does.