Xfce4-panel installed on Leap 42.3 LXQt doesn't save configuration

On Tumbleweed LXQt I have no problem with this, but Xfce4-panel installed on Leap 42.3 LXQt doesn’t save it’s configuration so every time I boot back in I get a blank panel and have to repopulate it.

I looked for a config file but didn’t find one.

(I use both the LXQt panel and the Xfce4-panel, above and below).

TIA for any suggestions made.

When you ask a question about a very unusual configuration,
You have to describe in detail how you set up/installed the configuration so that people understand how you arrived at your situation, and maybe someone may even try to replicate your setup.


Well tsu, I installed the recently announced Gecko version of Leap 42.3 LXQt.

I had already installed Tumbleweed LXQT some time back as well as an older oSUSE Xfce that I zypper dupped to Leap 42.3.

I use three environments: Xfce, LXQt and Openbox. I use the Xfce4-panel on all of them, whether it’s oSUSE/Gecko, debian/sparky, calculate or fedora/korora but I use the Xfce4-panel with all of them, with either another Xfce4-panel or tint2 or the LXQt panel.

This one won’t retain the configuration, for some reason. (I suppose a configuration file is missing).

It’s 64 bit, (always). And it’s installed on a single 250 gb Btrfs partition on a Seagate 3 TB disk with GPT and a 10 Gb Swap partition.

Thanks in advance. (You have always been very helpful).

The last I time I booted into oSUSE Leap 42.3 the Xfce4-panel was populated - not the way I had left it but there was less to do to fix it back the way I had it.

Maybe it’s learning.

It was.

I rebooted and this time it loaded as I had left it.