xfce4-notifyd - where does this process autostart from ?

I’ve recently switched over to gnome desktop environment with gnome-shell preview as my compositing manager…

Everything is good except for this process xfce4-notifyd which autostarts somehow… The problem with this process is it acts as the default notification daemon over-riding gnome-shell’s built-in notification support and tends to display balloon popups on the top right corner…

If i kill this process everything is good… But on restart it autostarts again somehow… Anyone have any ideas which are the places containing the autostart config files ?

I looked through the items in gnome-session-properties and also in these places:


But couldn’t find any entries related to xfce4-notifyd.


The package related to the daemon is ‘xfce4-notifyd’. Use the yast package manager to delete it, or via zypper (as root) with

zypper rm xfce4-notifyd

Yes I could do that… But wont it be required for XFCE ? Of course I dont use XFCE but have it installed - gave it a try couple of times…

Surely there should be some way to disable this thing from starting automatically rather than removing it completely right ?

BTW I found xfce4-notifyd entry in this file:

[D-BUS Service]

I’m not sure how d-bus service config files work - could anyone tell me if I remove this file - what would be the impact ? Anyways I’ll also try removing it and see what happens now…