XFCE workspace changing positions

I’m using XFCE on one of my PCs due to the low memory available.
I use 6 areas to organize my work.
Jobs move from one area to another without me wanting to
This did not happen with KDE.
What should I do to fix each job in your workSpace permanently?

Perhaps explanations were lacking:
For example: If I have Firefox open on desktop 1 and Thunderbird on area 6, if I click on a link within Thunderbird, then Firefox switches to desktop 6

It is in the Window Manager Tweaks under Focus
You have to choose the

Switch to window's workspace

You did not understand my problem.
The contents of one workspace are moving to another area without me choosing anything

What I understand with your post is if you click a link in thunderbird firefox jumps to the workspace
where thunderbird is located.
Now my solution is for example:
Thunderbird is in workspace 1 Firefox is in workspace 2
If you are in workspace 1 where thunderbird resides, if you click on the link
Firefox will not jump to workspace 1, instead firefox will open but stays in workspace 2
What happens is workspace 2 now is the one showing with the firefox showing the link,Thunderbird remains in workspace1
the applications did not jump.

Please if I did not understand your query, kindly eleborate more.

What do you mean by desktop and area you are refering to in your post #2?

If it was happening as you describe it, it would be all right.

If I am in workspace 1 where thunderbird resides, if I click on the link
Firefox will jump to workspace 1, firefox will open but NOT WILL stays in **workspace 2


What do you mean by desktop and area you are refering to in your post #2?

forget “desktop”, I meant “workspace”

So the solution I gave you is the one you have to consider, to make firefox stay in** workspace 2

**To further elaborate my first answer:

You have to open Settings Manager
click window manager tweaks, click focus
then choose switch to window’s workspace.

You might also need to put a check on Activate focus stealing prevention
This one is also under focus in window manager tweaks.

Hope that helps.

You can also choose do nothing
downside is when you click the link in thunderbird it will do nothing
but if you go to firefox in the other work space the link is already open.:wink:

Thank you.
Now jobs do not change workspace during activities.