XFCE to KDE/GNOME plz help!

Help!!! I instaled opensuse 11.0 and picked XFCE, and then added KDE and GNOME from the “software” of the overview. And I can’t find out how to switch!!! On KDE/GNOME you can select ‘Sessions,’ but I can’t find that on XFCE login screen >:(>:(>:(>:( PLz help!!! thx
and I can’t do the installation again cuz I had to borrow the IDE DVD drive from another desktop, and it was a big pain.


Go to yast2 -system-/etc/sysconfig editor and look for the display manager and change it to kdm or gdm

Thanks! It worked :slight_smile:
But now I can’t get the internet to work. . . :-\

Now you need to go to the network/internet section of the forum.:wink: