XFCE seg faulting in 11.1

I’m not sure why, but after installing XFCE from the 11.1 repo’s, starting it up the first time, adding pidgin to auto-start and changing the location of a panel or two, every time I try to start XFCE it seg faults almost immediately after bringing up the desktop and sends me back to log in and pick a graphic session. Looking at the few log files I’ve managed to find anything relevant in, the error message really doesn’t tell me anything other than it’s a seg fault.

Jan 9 18:06:03 doomhammer kernel: xfce4-session[9276]: segfault at b707d528 ip b707d528 sp bfa2ca30 error 4 in passwd[b7084000+35000]

Is the line in question in the /var/log/messages files.

I’ve tried to uninstall and re-install XFCE in yast to no effect, I’m guessing there might be some left over config files that might be contributing to the continued segmentation faults?

Try logging in to icewm or another DE open your /home/user/.config and delete xfce folder. Logout and login to xfce. It will rebuild the folder that was deleted and hope will work this time.