xfce opensuse 11.2 question

I see that every time I log in, there is a little xconsole window that opens. It doesn’t really seem to do anything, it’s just kinda…there…sometime ago I made it so it didn’t open at login but I forgot how. What do I do to make xconsole stop opening at login?


Bonus points : why did someone think it was important enough to have it open at every login/what is it for?

well this is a lively joint.

To anyone else having the same problem, all I had to do was comment out 3 lines near the end of my Xsetup file.

my solution was:

open Terminal and type the following

cd /etc/X11/xdm
sudo nano Xsetup

if nano isn’t found (and it probably won’t be) you can either A: find it through YaST and install it or B: use “vi” instead of “nano” I just don’t like vi.

when you’ve opened the Xsetup file for editing, find the section near the end that says:

“# The geometry of xconsole is set in the Xresource file.”

shortly thereafter, you’ll see a pound sign followed by an open bracket, the next line down has some code, and the third line contains the word ‘echo’ and you’ll see mention of ‘xconsole.pid’

for each of these three lines, I put a # in front of them. This “comments them out” so they are not executed.

make sure to save your changes, close the file, and I suggest restarting your system.

if you’ve happened to screw something up, you only need to delete the # symbols you added in.

for your reference:

Re: Xconsole using Xfce