XFCE on Leap 42.3 extremely slow to load desktop

I just installed Leap 42.3 w/ XFCE on Lenovo E570 Thinkpad. It boots extremely fast (Intel Core i7 7th gen), but when I login, the desktop literally takes five minutes to load. I have same setup on an older desktop (Intel i5) and works fine.
I inspected the “Application Autostart” settings under “Session and Startup” and they are identical.
Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Once you can launch a console, you can run the following to display your system log (continuing to boot) in real time

journalctl -f

You can also display your boot log for any boot, to view the previous (not current boot) you can run the following

journalctl -b=-1

or, just view the bootlog for your current session

journalctl -b