XFCE install from live CD, yes CD

Is it possible to install XFCE from the OpenSuse live CD V 11.1, yes CD
? be it either Gnome or KDE ?

Sure I d like to have version 11.1.

On http://en.opensuse.org/XFCE_Live_CD I found the link
http://wua.la/bgta/openSUSE/XFCE+Live which allows download of an
unofficial XFCE-Suse 11.0 version.
Can anyone tell me the differences to 11.1 ?

I have an elderly computer, and would like to install the least
ressource intense system possible.
And of course no DVD drive available, therefore I cannot use the
OpenSuse-11.1-liveDVDs options menu.

Any further suggestions ?



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