XFCE + Ibus + multilingual keyboards = global hotkey problem

Hello there, I love Ibus because it supports many languages, including russian, so I’ve added it as an additional input method.
Unfortunately global keyboard hotkeys differentiate ENG and RUS keyboards. So, for example, if I add xfce4-terminal shortcut while using ENGLISH keyboard it will go Ctrl+Alt+T. When I do exactly the same while using RUSSIAN keyboard (and while pressing the same button set) it will go like Ctrl+Alt+Е . The latter letter is not english, but russian, and those letters are placed on the same button. When in KDE, Global shortcut thingy automatically switched to the english keyboard and then back to what I was using, not letting any multilingual chaos appear when using shortcuts. For me to use Ctrl+Alt+T (and any other set up shorts) I must always switch to the english keyboard. KDE was and is working fine with this stuff as far as I know. Any ideas?