Xfce/Gnome Login Option?

Bear with me, please --(I’ve come recently from Debian, and am scratching my head over this). I first installed OpenSuse (from the DVD). I used the Gnome desktop,…then added Xfce (again, from the DVD). However,…Xfce seemed really “incomplete” and no amount of adding apps would help.
I then re-installed,…choosing the Xfce desktop. Very complete this way,…lets me add whatever apps I want. (So far so good). I then wanted to also have the Gnome desktop,…so I add that (from the DVD).
----here’s the problem: I only get the Xfce (Xdm?) login window, with NO option to choose a Gnome session. I installed Gdm. Nothing. I’m sure that it’s because I’m so unfamiliar with OpenSUSE,…(and don’t know what I’m doing). :shame:
…I tried to look for Xdm (to perhaps remove it)…but no luck so far, and I’m afraid I’ll wind up borking my new system. Actually,…the OpenSUSE Xfce desktop is pretty nice,…and I’m happy with it and all (just would love to have the option to switch to a Gnome session once-and-a-while).


Open yast2 system /etc/sysconfig editor on the left click desktop display manager DISPLAYMANAGER and on the right choose gdm. restart x and the next login should now be in gdm.

Hope this helps.

Thanks for the info! I just didn’t know where to look lol!
I’ll get on that tomorrow (it’s getting late here now). But thanks again,…much appreciated.

No problem. If I to suggest I will rather use kdm as the displaymanager instead of gdm it works better in openSUSE, IMHO.

I just found everything,…and have it all set up for Gdm,…then I came to the forum, and saw your last post. I’ll change it to Kdm, and have a look. Thanks again for your help,-- (I’m pretty impressed by the high quality of OpenSUSE).