XFCE documentation

When I click on “HELP” in some of the XFCE settings applets, I get an error.

It looks as if the software is looking for the help under “/usr/share/doc/xfce-utils/” whereas the documentation is really stored under “/usr/share/doc/packages/xfce-utils/”.

I can add a symlink as a workaround. But before I do that, I thought I should ask whether there is a configuration file somewhere that allows setting the documentation path.


Looks like a bug IMHO. Somewhere this setting (to use the /packages in the path) is taken (by the openSUSE distributors?) but it is not adhered to by all XFCE applications.

You could start filing a bug at openSUSE:Submitting bug reports - openSUSE. But when my idea about some XFCE apps do and some don’t is correct, going to the XFCE site might also b usefull.

Thanks for the suggestion.

It turns out that this has already been reported as bug 688095. It is listed as fixed upstream.

You are welcome. Again something that will be solved in the near future :slight_smile:

Set the variable HELP_DIR in /usr/bin/xfhelp4 to /usr/share/doc/packages instead of /usr/share/doc.

Thanks. Much appreciated.

So, to test the change, I went into XFCE settings manager, clicked on “Calendar” and then clicked “Help”.

I got: “Firefox can’t find the file at /usr/share/orage/doc/C/orage.html#orage-preferences-window”


However, your suggested change does fix most of the help in XFCE.

Did that work before you changed the path?

  • Just checked. It works fine for me. But it opens the file /usr/share/orage/doc/C/orage.html in the browser. If I add ‘#orage-preferences-window’ manually, it loads that page.

I didn’t try it before, and I doubt that it worked.

It might be something funky in firefox causing that problem. As far as I know, the “#orage-preferences-window” is supposed to identify a location within the file, rather than be part of the file name.

Yes that’s what it is too. The command behind the help button in calendar preferences is replacing “#” by its ASCII value (0x23) and send that to the default browser. I don’t believe it should encode the URL like this. As a consequence the browser looks for this URL “/usr/share/orage/doc/C/orage.html%23orage-preferences-window” and doesn’t find it, but it does succesfully jump to the anchor. It’s not a firefox problem.

Yes, I agree that the “%23” looks wrong. My understanding is that the percent encoding overrides the special meaning of “#” and treats it instead as an ordinary character.