XFCE+btrfs give a high ram usage

I have recently jumped ship from openSsue LXDE to XFCE and tried to use btrfs as sugested that it is ready for daily use.

Not the tricky thing - LXDE gave me a small amount of ram used but XFCE which should be only a bit more resource hungry can eat up as much as 3GB of ram when LXDE with same aplications launched used 1,6 GB.

Here is the set up:
Lenovo ThinkPad Edge
openSuse 13.1

all setings from automated instalation.

An here is the memory usage with only chromium started:

 fw190@linux-fmoh:~> free -ht             total       used       free     shared    buffers     cached
Mem:          3,7G       2,2G       1,5G         0B        24K       1,5G
-/+ buffers/cache:       690M       3,1G
Swap:         4,0G       1,1M       4,0G
Total:        7,7G       2,2G       5,5G 

Now this is what comes out when a non tech person is using linux :slight_smile:

Help! Linux ate my RAM!