xfce boot configuration not working

I’m trying to set up xfce in 12.1 Gnome.

In the YaST sysconfig editor, I’ve set the Display & Window Managers to xfce.
I set auto-login in the DM section of YaST.but it isn’t working.

This is the sequence I get from switching on:

  1. The normal initiation process takes me to:

  2. An open SUSE splash screen (which I thought I’d disabled)

  3. A GRUB screen listing openSUSE 12.1, Failsafe, & Floppy.
    There is also a Boot Option showing what appears to be my graphics card.

  4. Then a grey screen saying "Welcome to Linux-bqla (whatever that is), and a dialogue to enter Username followed by Password.
    In the bottom LH corner of this screen there is a box referring to the Linux-bqla kernel with some info I don’t understand, and goes too quickly to copy.

This then takes me to my XFCE desktop, but it can’t be right, surely, considering how I’ve got it configured?

The grey screen is xdm, it shows when you set your windowmanager wrong.
Try this in yast:
Under displaymanager, select xfce as your default
Under windowmanager set lightdm, for some reason lightdm is not in the selection for windowmanager
so you have to type it manually. When you install opensuse, selecting xfce, lightdm is the one it is using.

I tried this but the boot process is the same, and I ended up in what appears to be a Gnome Desktop.
I don’t get an option to select xfce at all.

Oh no, my bad. I apologize for the mistake.

In DISPLAYMANAGER, it should be


In DEFAULT_WM, it should be