XFCE_12.1 - No Secure Login Password Prompt on Reboot

If I resume from hibernate the laptop is secure as I get the X-Screensaver password prompt. However if I REBOOT/Restart there is no such prompt. I am instead asked to chose a session (Default session) or start a new session.

I can get the login password prompt by logging out but it never appears after a reboot / restart which is of course very very insecure. I am aware that startup password prompt is only basic protection but not having it in xfce is very concerning. I guess it must be some bug but is there a workaround to get it working on every reboot? Even if it was just the x-screensaver password prompt that would be better than nothing…

Any useful tips would be much appreciated.


I am not usinng XFCE, but in other desktops you can switch on Autologin (which is off course note semething I would recommend) and it is IIRC even a default during install :(. Are you sure that it is not switched on in your situation. Sorry, I can not tell you where to look for it in XFCE.

SOLVED: After exploring Yast sysconfig Editor I hunted out /etc/sysconfig file I found an autologin entry that I didn’t spot in the yast sysconfig Editor

I manually changed it to


For some reason it had got set to autologin my username. It is now showing in sysconfig Editor as ‘no’ so maybe I just missed it.

I don’t know how it happened to set as autologin in the first place.

Thanks for the input :wink:

It is probably the setting in “/etc/sysconfig/displaymanager”