xf9 extreme gamer installed

managed to get the creative drivers to word and no have sound. I am trying to add it to list with yast as the default card but have no clue how. all attemts so far have not worked. any ideas?
thanks in advance

If you want a sensible answer to this, you need to provide more and clearer info.
Currently I don’t have a clue what you are needing.

you are correct, I did not read my own post prior to posting. machine specs are asus m2n-mx se plus, amd 64 x2 5000+, ati radeon 2400, 4gb ram and xfi extreme gamer. managed to get the creative drivers to install and I do have sound, not great, but it is sound. When I went to Yast I find the video card listed as the default sound card. easy enough to delete that but without the xfi card listed to add it to yast I have no idea how I should go about it. being new to Linux I am on the slow learning curve but it would seem to me the syatem might be better off with the proper sound card listed in the default area.

Have look here
Hardware - openSUSE


Thank you much