Xerox Docuprint p205b driver

Hi all,

Last night i was configuring this printer on openSUSE 12.1 KDE4.8.x with guten5.2.7, but could not find any specific driver for it. Tried through CUPS/YaST print module different P series drivers available, but no luck. Searched net for the PPD, also looked around to xerox site for its PPD/driver in vain, as there was no driver for Linux for this specific model.
Looked into openprinting site for xerox available printer divers, so far did not found any for this. Few choices are there, tried P1202 and P12 with no luck.

One thing which confuses me is, they mentioned Fuji-Xerox and Xerox two different models, and i have FujiXerox printer. Don’t get this, why are both different. Fuji-Xerox is limited to 3 or so printer drivers, while Xerox has many available.

Would love to hear from some one, who have/had this printer and make it work using any driver which is available in guten or any link for PPD to download.


I don’t like your chances with this particular model. Their own website doesn’t suggest any support for Linux either:
Fuji Xerox Printers : Downloads
It’s a GDI printer (Windows Graphical Device Interface).

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I note that Xerox have a Mac driver (which uses CUPS). Maybe they can be persuaded to provide a Linux driver. (Many of their laser printers a postscript printers, and so are Linux friendly).