xephem & gcompris

Planning to return to suse after a gap of two years. Is anyone using xephem and gcompris. Or can some one submit the link for how to install of these programmes.

For openSUSE 11.2:

Software.openSUSE.org - gcompris

Software.openSUSE.org - xephem

Used xephem in the past, my 7 year old daughter has a four year experience in gcompris on openSUSE. I love to think that her ability to run any desktop on any OS and actually work with it, originates there.
If you are not sure if packages have been built for opensuse, go here:
Best thing is to uncheck the option to stay subscribed to the needed repos, otherwise you may find yourself in the ‘repo-mess’ in no time.

mmarif4u, thanks very much. Hope to get a place soon.