XEN VM Cannot Access Installation Medium

I have a SLES11 SP3 with OES11 SP2 Add on server being used for file sharing and GroupWise 14. I have also a XEN VM that I wish to use for GroupWise Mobility Server. I am trying - via YAST Control Centre > Software > Add-On Products to install the GWMS, but the VM complains it ‘cannot find the installation media’ (Medium 1). It’s looking in “hd:///?device=/dev/xvdb&filesystem=auto” and says ‘Empty destination’ in that URL.

I assume it’s wanting access to the SLES DVD which I have copied to a folder on the host and attempted to make available to the VM by using NFS Server and NFS Client respectively. I don’t know if this is working. If I can get past this point I have managed to copy the GWMS ISO file to another folder on the VM, so I’m hoping that will be OK.

Any suggestions please, or should I open an SR?


My suggestion is to go to the SLES/SLED forums at https://forums.suse.com/forum.php.

Thes are the openSUSE forums, thus you landed at the wrong place, sorry.