xen .. startx cant be.. so sad

i installed xen and when i boot into xen kernel, i start the startx command and it dispalys a command that says a fatal error, it says module nvidia not found,. thanks. how can i install nvidia at xen kernel… thanks.


Hi Ialatam,

If you want to use Xen then don’t install any extra ATI or NVidia drivers.
Sticking with the default drivers that openSUSE offers at install should have you working fine in normal and xen mode.

You should be able to get it working by de-installing de NVidia driver and maybe rerunning the sax2 config. The drawback is that you’ll loose 3D / Desktop Effects.

Hope that helps,

Thought that i’d elaborate on the solution for people who aren’t to familiar with changing drivers.

When booting xen the Xsever startup will fail and you will end up in a shell. At that point you should log in as root.

After that, boot to runlevel 3 to shutdown all desktop processes.

telinit 3

Then it’s time to configure you’re xserver to use a driver which supports Xen. In my case I use “nv”. You might need to figure out which one is best for you.

sax2 -m 0=nv

At this point you should get a screen that asks you to confirm the selection.

Then it’s time to go to runlevel 5 again and you’re desktop should start.

telinit 5