xen project hypervisor + drbd -> rmp package 'drbd-utils' =>

Hi, I have openSuse Leap15.2 with xen hypervisor.

1.) Since the upgrade from 15.1 to 15.2 the following virtual machine configuration does not work anymore:


1.1) The Problem is that if you use ‘drbd:vm1’ (“drbd” VBD type) as the virtual hard disk, then the bash script ‘/etc/xen/scripts/block-drbd’ gets executed.

1.2) In 15.1 the file ‘/etc/xen/scripts/block-drbd’ contains a ~300 line long bash script that calls various other Scripts (e.g. block-common.sh) in the same working directory.

1.3) After the update to 15.2 the ‘/etc/xen/scripts/block-drbd’ contains only this bash code:

# SUSE versions up to SLE15 populated /etc with files.
# This wrapper exists to remain compatible with their expected script path
exec /usr/lib/xen/scripts/block-drbd "$@"

1.4) So basically the new content of the ‘/etc/xen/scripts/block-drbd’ file is a link to execute the script in another folder ‘/usr/lib/xen/scripts/block-drbd’

1.5) The problem is that the new folder ‘/usr/lib/xen/scripts/block-drbd’ only contains the single block-drbd Script file and not the several other script files
(e.g. block-common.sh that still resides in /etc/xen/scripts/block-common.sh) that are needed in the same working directory.

1.6) If I try to create a virtual machine with the config file in 1.1) the following errors get thrown:

dom0:~ # xl create vm1
Parsing config from vm1
/usr/lib/xen/scripts/block-drbd: line 60: /usr/lib/xen/scripts/block-common.sh: No such file or directory
/usr/lib/xen/scripts/block-drbd: line 237: xenstore_read_default: command not found
xc: error: SUSEINFO: domid 15: xc_domain_unpause returned 0

This happens because the file ‘block-common.sh’ still resides in the original folder /etc/xen/scripts/ and not in /usr/lib/xen/scripts where the new block-drbd script gets executed.

1.7) A quick fix is to just replace the exec “link” from /etc/xen/scripts/block-drbd file with the original ~300 line bash script content

1.8) Is this an actual bug that needs fixing and yes can someone add it to the openSuse bugzilla

2.) Here is my system config:

dom0:~ # rpm -qil xen
Name        : xen
Version     : 4.13.1_08
Release     : lp152.2.9.1

dom0:~ # rpm -qil drbd
Name        : drbd
Version     : 9.0.22~1+git.fe2b5983
Release     : lp152.2.2.1

dom0:~ # rpm -qil drbd-utils
Name        : drbd-utils
Version     : 9.13.0
Release     : lp152.2.3.1

dom0:~ # zypper se -i --provides --match-exact /etc/xen/scripts/block-drbd
S | Name       | Summary                             | Type
i | drbd-utils | Distributed Replicated Block Device | package

It does not work this way. You experienced issue, it is up to you to report it. Why do you expect someone to do it for you?


Pls submit a bug at https://bugzilla.opensuse.org.

From your description, looks like an obvious bug…
The Xen part of the upgrade didn’t retain configuration files in the particular location of your drbd scripts.