Xen power problems

I’ve got two new servers, installed with OpenSUSE 11.1 and running Xen with kernel version:
I am running fully virtualized Windows Server 2003 guests. Its been a learning process but everything is working great with one exception:

We have brief power outages, the kind that just flashes your lights off for a millisecond, and the guest servers shut off even though the host stays up. The servers are on UPS’s which in turn will be powered by generators in the event of power loss but these power outage flashes are so brief that nothing kicks on (nor should it need to)

So how do I fix it so my guest servers don’t shut down during these flashes?

Thanks much


Anyone seen anything like this before?

I’ve seen one brief mention that when a box detects a loss of power one of the first things run is /etc/init.d/xendomains and this shuts down the guest VMs.

Can anyone confirm this and advise how I might be able to get it to wait and check the power state a minute later or something before running?


Any help?