Xen, OpenSuse 11.3 and ATI/Nvidia propietary Drivers.


I’m trying to install Xen on Opensuse 11.3. Tried with 2 computers:
1- Laptop AMD with ATI HD Radeon HD 4650
2- Desktop Intel with Nvidia.

Both computers are updated with last pacackages and propietary drivers for graphics cards.

After installing Xen and restarted, if start OpenSuse, no problem.
But if start with Xen, Desktop is unable to start X and laptop hangs.
So I supponse it’s a problem with graphics driver.

Can any tell me how to install Xen in OpenSue 11.3 when using propietary drivers?


Hey there,

You might want to check out the solution for installing the Nvidia driver with a Xen kernel from other posts, such as: No compositing (Desktop Effects) using nvidia on opensuse11.3-Xen

Lews Therin

I’ve looked for in the forum, but I can’t find information on it.

It looks like propietary drivers (Nvidia/ATI) don’t work with Xen.
So the only way is to use opensource drivers.

Can any confirm me this?


How about;
NVIDIA drivers with Xen