Xen Kernel on Laptop will not boot into Gnome

Good evening from Germany…

I have an little problem with openSUSE 11 and the Xen-Kernel

If I try to boot the Kernel on my i965GM chip with internal graphic the kernel will boot trough but when trying to go in init 5 it will brake down and will not start GDM

Only an black screen…when hitting enter I get an message that the X-Server is an Beta and will not be supported.

How can I boot the Xen-Kernel of the 11 into the graphic mode of GNOME?

Hi Ice,

It’s an older bug that was resolved for me in Beta1. Still could be this is the issue your having? (has to to with the video driver used icw Xen)


Hope that sorts it,

Not at all…

I try it like the bug-report told. when I let the screen on the default (i thin fsvb or so) I will boot into tty. when I change the screen to vesa I will get the same as with my normal xorg.conf

That is very suprising becaus I know that with KDE and KDM it will work with the normal xorg.conf. Only GDM/GNOME will make trouble.

But I wont change my WM.

So what to do? Should I open an bug-report?

So I set up an Bug-Report 404837 not seeing that there was a bug like mine Bug 396129.

Same Problem and the solution should be to wait for an Kernel-Update. But I need the laptop for xen testing purposes and it is hard to wait in company!!