XEN compatible processors?

Hi, I don’t know if this should be under hardware or here.
I want to build a new computer that will run OpenSuse 11.0 and Xen. My curent setup won’t allow Xen to run (processor is not HMV compatible).
Looking at the Xen compatiblity list it seems that the processors mentioned have not been updated for some time. The range of processors I am interested in using are the Core 2 Duo range, but the list stops at the E6700, see below.

Intel® 2 Core™ Duo Extreme processor X6800

Intel® 2 Core™ Duo processor E6700

Intel® 2 Core™ Duo processor E6600

Intel® 2 Core™ Duo processor E6400

Intel® 2 Core™ Duo processor E6300

Newer processors like the E7300 and E7400 are not listed.
Can I assume (not a good thing to do) that all processors up the line are HMV compatible?
Will the E7300 and E7400 be ok with Xen?
I wonder why the list from Xen has not been kept up to date?
Is there perhaps a newer list of compatibles?

Hi There & welcome.

As a good working Xen environment also needs the BIOS/Motherboard to support virtualization (meaning it’s not a CPU only thing) you’ll have more luck looking here to see if your system is listed:
HCL: Search Results
The systems mentioned there should work with Xen versions 3.01 and higher, the ‘downside’ is that only reseller types are mentioned, not components.

If you are looking to build your own system have a lookout for the ’ Intel VT ’ labels for Intel based motherboards and CPU’s and ’ AMD V ’ if running with AMD hardware.
Also don’t forget to enable the virtualization option in the BIOS as it’s normally disabled as a security precaution.

NOTE:I would recommend using openSUSE 11.1 (being launched in two days) instead of 11.0 as it has more features and seems more stable.

Hope that helps & Good luck building! :wink: