XEN boot failure on OpenSUSE 11.1

Resently I installed OpenSUSE 11.1 including XEN as I planned to use virtual machines. XEN item appeared in GRUB boot menu along with other items (OpenSUSE, windows…).
I was instructed to boot XEN in order to use virtual machines.
During boot, XEN was examining my disks and partitions, and when it reached CD and DVD drives, seemingly it went into infinite loop between the two drives. Finaly the screen went dark, and I have to make hard reboot. How can I work around this problem?

I’m having a similar problem in 11.3. installed ‘hypervisor & tools’ from yast, and rebooted. selected the xen option in grub, some messages went by then the screen went black and i had to hard boot to get out of it. Anyone have any ideas what could cause this?

Graphics card?

Nope. Works fine. Only happens when I boot the xen kernel from grub.