Xen - Bonding network

while trying to set up Xen Virtual Nodes we encountered one issue with the network (which is why it is posted here …),

On the DomU the interface is provided by a bonding -bond0- of three NICS. Now the Xen network script a) does not take this bonding b) destroyes even this bonding

From a number of posts I assume I have to configure this by hand, correct?

Is there an instruction how to do this? Simply create a bridge on top of bond0??

Thanks for any advice

What version of OS are you using ? If openSUSE 11.x then I believe you should have xen 3.3.x. If so then just create the bridge on the bonds, this can be done via yast…

If earlier version of openSUSE / Xen then you will have to do some addtional xen network scripting. (all documented in /etc/xen/xendconfig.sxp)

I am basing the above on what i see in Sles 10 and Sles 11. Teh version of Xen that ships with Sles 11 is 3.3.1 which nicely creates bridges on all interfaces…