Xen and OpenSuse 11.1: no comment.

I have 2 pc on which Xen would not work. One is a i386 and another a x86_64.
The former (i386) freezes after boot on kde3 desktop the latter does not finish booting because appears "ata1.01: exception Emask 0x0 SAct …
ata1: soft resetting link
ata1.01: model numeber mismatch 'SAMSUNG CD-RW…
ata1.01: limiting speed to pio…

ata3.00 configured for pio0…

No boot log for x86_64 pc will be produced.
The boot log for DELL 6400 Inspiron(i386) stays at boot.omsg ‎(Linux Issues‎)

I also hit your first issue (it happen after vista change some IRG on hardware). What help is open cdrom (via hardware button) during this messages.

Open CD-ROM tray on x86_64 pc does not work. The same errors are generated.

I talk about i386 machine, second I don’t know, because without any output I don’t have any idea what goes wrong.

I opened the cdrom tray but The system always block itself.

Any suggestion?

Use VirtualBox instead.