Xen and NVIDIA proprietary drivers

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I am very new to openSUSE, so sorry, if my question is already answered somewhere else.

I use openSUSE 12.3 on a machine with NVIDIA GT430 graphics card installed. At the same time, I’m very interested in trying out Xen hypervisor. I managed to find out that NVIDIA proprietary drivers do not support -xen kernels (as far as I understand, at the time of xen installation openSUSE installs the xen-enabled kernel that shows up in the GRUB boot menu) so one has to recompile the kernel module for the NVIDIA drivers each time the kernel is updated.

But if there are two different kernels, is it possible somehow to set the -desktop kernel to use NVIDIA graphics drivers while the -xen version would be still set to use nouveau?

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Since you normally set the kernel load option nomodeset, used by Grub 2 and using the /etc/sysconfig Editor Setting NO_KMS_IN_INITRD=Yes, switching to a kernel without the nVIDIA driver being loaded will produce the lowest possible video driver being loaded which will be a big change in your video system from using the nVIDIA proprietary video driver. Depending on your connection to your monitor, you may even have a reduced resolution support or you may get no Desktop to load at all. Now I am not sure just how set you are on using XEN, but I have no problems using VirtualBox with the nVIDIA proprietary driver and the latest kernel version. My opinion of Xen is you are putting together a system intended mainly for Virtualization and you don’t care much about video performance outside of your VM’s. Meaning, you would stay completely vanilla for desktop video, and not loading any nVIDIA proprietary video driver.

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Thank you for your explanation! So I’ll stick to VirtualBox for a while :slight_smile: