XEN and KVM working both at the same time

I have installed a machine with a xen dom0, and I’m testing some virtual machines.
I have seen that yast allow me to enable xen and kvm at the same time and I wonder: would be possible to use kvm and xen and have virtual machines of both running at the same time? and if possible, would it affect the performance?

BTW. I am looking for a way to make snapshots in the way vmware can do it, for what I have read I think it is possible but I can find it in virt-manager.

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You cannot run VMs under KVM and Xen simultaneously.

To take a snapshot in virt-manager, open the guest console window and go to view > snapshots. Create a new snapshot by clicking the + at the bottom of the window.

“Snapshots” appears disabled


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It should be noted that you cannot run virtualization that uses different hypervisors at the same time for any combination of virtualization… Not just KVM and Xen.