Xemacs customization fails

I recently upgraded to 11.2, and with it came Xemacs 21.5.29. Because the default font is too small for my eyes, I go to the Options menu item and change the font and font size (which works for that session), and then save these settings to the custom.el file in ~/.xemacs. However, when I invoke xemacs at the command line again, these customization settings are not loaded, or if they are, they are not acted upon. This used to work in SuSE 10.3 and Xemacs 21.4. Even from within xemacs, the key sequence M-x load-file (RET) ~/.xemacs/custom.el does not cause the customizations to occur. Nor does a load command on the command line

xemacs -load ~/.xemacs/custom.el

produce any better results. Does anyone have any ideas on this one? I note that the forum has a couple of items in the last year that might or might not be related, it is tough to tell. Is 21.5 buggy in this regard? Thanks.

Same annoying observation with Xemacs 21.5.29 on OpenSuse 12.1 64bit.

Also installed Xemacs 21.5.31 from Index of /repositories/home:/dnh/openSUSE_Tumbleweed but again same behavior.

I note that both of these versions are beta. According to XEmacs: Release Notice Archive the last stable version was 21.4.22. Unfortunately I cannot find an OpenSuse build for it, nor am I able to do it myself on my system.

Hackers to rescue!

On 02/22/2012 12:26 PM, paschuller wrote:
> Hackers to rescue!

i can’t tell if the other poster in this thread logged a bug…but, i
guess since you still see it s/he did not…

so, you should http://tinyurl.com/nzhq7j

or, alternatively you can track down the release notes for the newer
version and see if this bug is fixed in them…

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