xdvi cause Xorg to crash


For a few days now every time I start xdvi, Xorg crashes completely. The screen freezes and no input seems to have any effect. So I have to reset the PC. I’m on a 64 bit 11.4, KDE setup, the graphics driver is nouveau.

Here is the part of Xorg.0.log, that seems to be relevant:

  1772.204] 0: /usr/bin/Xorg (xorg_backtrace+0x28) [0x483068]
  1772.204] 1: /usr/bin/Xorg (0x400000+0x5e6d9) [0x45e6d9]
  1772.204] 2: /lib64/libc.so.6 (0x7f16585e5000+0x32b30) [0x7f1658617b30]
  1772.204] 3: /lib64/libc.so.6 (0x7f16585e5000+0x75a05) [0x7f165865aa05]
  1772.204] 4: /lib64/libc.so.6 (__libc_malloc+0x79) [0x7f165865cd99]
  1772.204] 5: /usr/lib64/xorg/modules/libexa.so (0x7f1655b9d000+0x8ec4) [0x7f1655ba5ec4]

I tried to reinstall the packages containing libc.so.4 and libexa.so with no improvement.

Is anybody experiencing the same problem? Are there any other log files, that could give more information? Any suggestions welcome.


I have had this problem; xdvi is working fine for me. And I am using nouveau for video.

I would guess that it is a video problem in your case. My computer is almost 4 years old, so probably well supported by the nouveau driver. I’m guessing that you have a newer graphics card.

It’s a Geforce 9000 I believe. I recently switched from the proprietary driver to nouveau. And come to think of it, it probably was the first time since then, that I used xdvi.

Is it sensible to file a bug report?

I am using a GeForce 6150.

That’s how the word gets back to people who can fix things.