XdTV is back!

XdTV looks like back again! It was my favourite TV recording application (and the only one working perfectly with my old AVerMedia TVCapture tuner) under Linux. But when its development was stopped, I couldn’t found any replacement.

No, I tried to install it from binaries on Sourceforge but I encountered some problems.

# zypper install xdtv-2.4.1cvs13-1mdv2008.1.i586.rpm
Reading installed packages...

Problem: nothing provides libSDL-devel needed by xdtv-2.4.1cvs13-1mdv2008.1.i586
 Solution 1: do not ask to install a solvable providing xdtv = 2.4.1cvs13-1mdv2008.1

Choose the above solution using '1' or cancel using 'c' [1/C]: 1
Resolving dependencies...
Nothing to do.

Looking at YAST, I already have both SDL and SDL-devel libraries installed. I’ve tried to download binaries from Simple DirectMedia Layer web but they seems to be older than I have.

I don’t know where the problem is? Maybe this whole process. I’m not so familiar with this kind installation.

Please help.


rpm -ivh "package_name" --nodeps 

This is wrong way, with no guarantee :frowning:
Or try to build XdTV from source.

Did you manage to make xdtv work with OpenSUSE 11.0 ? I’m also interested in making it working. Or did you find other SW to run for tv-capture or video-capture ? How did you make it ?