xditview '.' hangs taking 90% CPU


xditview '.'

**Result: **

xditview shows a window with control outlines but the controls do not get painted. Then it stops responding and takes 90% CPU.

A directory listing (try { xedit ‘.’; })

Name : xorg-x11 Relocations: (not relocatable)
Version : 7.5 Vendor: openSUSE
Release : 11.3 Build Date: pon, 5 lip 2010, 16:30:28
Install Date: sob, 11 wrz 2010, 00:45:19 Build Host: build36
Group : System/X11/Utilities Source RPM: xorg-x11-7.5-11.3.src.rpm
Size : 8980874 License: MIT License (or similar)
Signature : RSA/8, pon, 5 lip 2010, 16:31:15, Key ID b88b2fd43dbdc284
Packager : openSUSE:Submitting bug reports - openSUSE
URL : X.Org Wiki - Home
Summary : X.Org core and sample applications

man xditview doesn’t show me that i should expect a directory listing
resulting from

xditview '.'

it does tell me what to expect from both of these:

xditview -
xditview |

that is to say: i’m not sure we should expect the results of these two
commands to be the same (directory listing):

xditview '.'
xedit '.'

but, i’m guessing and have neither googled nor searched bugzilla to
see if your discovery is either in the bug hopper or known by others
to be a problem…

CAVEAT: http://is.gd/bpoMD [posted via NNTP w/openSUSE 10.3]

@OP: What did you expect xditview . to do? Do you know what ditroff format is?

However I regard this as a bug of xditview not checking that the input file is a file and not a directory.

Problem reported upstream.
xditview ‘.’ hangs