XCFE - no switch for user?

Hi, i noticed that for logout there is no switch user option. Does XCFE not have that?
I tried to see if i can add this, but there seems to be not option. Is it possible?

I ran the latest XCFE version 4.6.1 with Suse 11.2.


Do you have gnome or kde installed also?

yes, i have gnome also.

I still kind of puzzled :shame:

Go to Yast
etc Sysconfig Editior
Desktop > Displaymanager = gdm
Desktop > Windowmanager = gnome

Set it that way if you don’t already.

Reboot if you make changes

*The gnome login manager requires you click you user name before the options appear at the bottom of the screen

i checked and its like you wrote.

But is that for login out? Or login in?

I just want to clarify.
If i press the button for login out, i only get the following choices.
Logout, Restart, Shut Down, Hybernate, Suspend.

So there is the Switch User option missing. Thats what you have with gnome.
Is this not possible with xcfe or can it be added?

The login is fine (i can selected any desktop option) and it stays with the last used one.

So just want to make sure.

Thank you :slight_smile:

OK I see now.

Gnome should have that feature but as for xfce, I have no idea. Sorry.

I think i figured it out.

You go in Settings > Session and Startup > General
There you select ‘Display chooser at login
That worked for me.